Cheating spouse krs

It is not uncommon for spouses who have been cheated on to expect larger financial awards in the divorce process. However, depending on where you live, your alimony payments may or may not be increased because a spouse was unfaithful. As many spouses know, cheating often has consequences. Aside from the effect of cheating on the marriage itself, cheating may affect the divorce process and any alimony awards received by the spouses. Each state varies on how exactly adultery will affect an alimony award, and so this article is intended to clarify that issue for the state of Kentucky.

Before discussing whether adultery or cheating would affect an award of alimony or spousal support, the nature of divorce in Kentucky must be examined. Like many other states, Kentucky is a no-fault divorce state. All that matters is that irretrievable breakdown of the marital relationship has occurred. Kentucky law refers to alimony as spousal maintenance.

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The purpose of maintenance is not to either provide a permanent source of income or to punish a spouse, but rather to provide help to a spouse so that he or she can reach a point where self-sufficiency is possible. Prior to making an award of spousal support, a court must determine whether the spouses are eligible for support. Only spouses who either lack sufficient property to support their needs or are unable to support themselves through employment are eligible for support. If a spouse is eligible for support, the court uses a series of factors to determine the amount and duration of support including:.

While the Kentucky spousal maintenance statute 3 is silent on the issue of fault such as adultery in the award of spousal maintenance, Kentucky courts have considered the question of whether fault will affect an award of support.

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Kentucky is a no-fault divorce state, which means that adultery will not affect whether either spouse is eligible to receive a spousal maintenance award. The eligibility determination is purely financial and an adulterous spouse may be entitled to a spousal maintenance award.

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However, adultery can affect the amount and duration of the award. Fault on the part of the payor spouse will not affect a spousal maintenance award. Fault, including adultery, on the part of the spouse receiving spousal maintenance, however, will result in a reduced award because Kentucky courts do not want to reward spouses for their marital misconduct. In Chart 5 Venus is in the second house showing a lacy of sexuality either for self or spouse. Note that Venus is in the 2 nd house from both lagna and Sun. He was a celibate throughout life.

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It is trines to its dispositor and lagna lord Saturn which is also the 12 th lord. However on seeing her spiritual honesty, he agreed to her staying with him in the temple on the condition of complete abstinence from any physical contact.

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This would cause separation from spouse unless the relationship is strongly spiritual. He taught her everything he learnt from his various Gurus. Impressed by her great religious potential, he began to treat her as the Universal Mother Herself. Upapada is in Libra with the 7 th lord Jupiter promising a very good marriage and spiritual growth due to marriage. This spiritual growth should satisfy Ketu and the marriage would be blessed.

Cheating spouse krs

Since Jupiter is 7 th lord and is in upapada this search shall begin after marriage and since the spirituality is coming through marriage Ketu shall not be averse to it. Sir according to me you are very good astrologer in the world. I have seen many of your videos and have read many of your posts.

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Sir I am scorpio ascendant with Rahu in lagna. I have ketu in 7th house in taurus and 7th lord Venus is in 11th house with Sun. Is it true Sir? How will be spouse? Please reply me Sir. I will be very thankful to you.

Saturn-venus mutually aspecting. I also have same placement like swami prabhupada venus in A7 and rahu in 1 house in upapada also jupiter is my atmakraka which is vargottam in pisces. In Rashi chart, in Aries lagna Venus in 9th house of saggitarius and sun in 8th house of scopio, which means venus second from sun and 9th from lagna. Well nice article sir , but i differ.

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